Senior Distributed Systems Engineer
Senior Software Engineer Applied Cryptography
Marketing Engineer And Data Scientist

Roles & Responsibilities

- Building the underlying core S9X infrastructure, a state-of-the-art distributed system primarily implemented in Rust
- Creating the interface and integration process for new and existing financial service products to move their operations onto the S9X platform
- Development of specialized financial apps such as lending platforms, exchanges, and investment funds on the underlying blockchain
- Architecting the process of large-scale deployment of the entire stack
- Communicating engineering best practices and building maintainable and clean code

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience designing and implementing scalable and high performance platforms
- Experience with Rust and/or C++ in a production environment
- Experience with distributed systems and databases in a production environment
- Great communication skills and energy

Ideal Qualifications

- MS or Ph.D. in in Computer Science. Mathematics, Engineering or related field.


- Work on new problems in an emerging field
- Learn from systems engineering, cryptography, and finance domain experts in a mentorship-oriented work culture
- Make a big impact as an early contributor

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